Vintage Gear i work with:


 Just in: RCA 44BX, ALTEC 639B, AKG D25



 Funke W19 Modification with the last 2 types of sockets:



 Beautiful Engineering by Neumann: the Z1 Adapter

Neumann Adapter


 Studer 962 30-Channel Analog Recording Mixer



 The best you can get: original Neumann U47



 Beauty Gibson CC6



 New home for a AKAI M-8 Tube Amp

 AKAI M8 Amp with Mik, Line and Pickup Input



 Hohner Orgaphon 60MH - the real Sound of the 60`s.

 This 4Ch Amp has a wonderful Tube Vibrato on board!



 Modified a Fender Blues Junior Amp - works perfect!



 STUDER A779 Mixer



 Refresh a good old EMT140 Mono Tube Plate



 Finally i`ve got my own Funke W19



 Working with UREI 1178, 1176 and Millennia HV-3D



 Neumann U47 long body - what a great Microphone!



 Neumann U47 P with Z1 and Z2 Adapter that supports old M7, M8 and M9 capsules



 Neumann U47 P with M48a capsule on Z1 "Torpedohead" and Z2 Adapter



 Neumann U47 with Z2 Adapter and M7 capsule



 Neumann Info about U47 P and CMV Microphone Adapters





 ACE TONE Rhythm Ace, brought to new life



 Neumann U67 SLO Edition (1990)



 Two EMT 140 Stereo in perfect condition



 Nightpro PREQ3 - 4 Channel Mik/Line Preap with lot of Air

 ... repaired and modified for bigger screws

Nightpro PREQ3

Nightpro PREQ3


 I love this kind of engineering

Nightpro PREQ3


 Heathkit IT-17 Tube Checker

Heathkit IT-17 Tube Checker


 Because it`s the perfect vocal Microphone - my original Neumann U67

Neumann U67 Tube Microphone

This Mic in perfect condition sounds amazing and so many people love to work with.


 Telefunken Tube NOS EF 804s 806s (sorry no selling!)

Telefunken Tube NOS EF 804s 806s


 The very first Console in Switzerland was a original Marchoni

First Audio-Console in Switzerland


 Welcome to the family: Neumann TLM-67 with case

Neumann TLM-67 with case


 Repair of a RCA 77DX Ribbon Mic

RCA 77DX Ribbon Microphone


 One of the best i held in my hands: Schoeps VSR5

Schoeps VSR5 professional microphone preamp


 Four new fans for a very good Amp : Quested AP-800

Quested AP-800 Power Amp with new Fans


 My SINGULAR Pre2 Stereo Microphone Preamp

Singular-Audio Pre2 Stereo Microphone Preamp


 Lexicon 480L - the famous digital effect system

Lexicon 480L digital effect system


The famous Studer C37 Tube Tape Recorder


a beautiful HILLER Microphone Cell (Germany) with 8 Character


GRACE m802 - a close to perfect analog / digital device


nice engineering - digidesign "pre" 8ch Mic preamp


I clean up my cellar and sold good old stuff (all gone)

 Studer Professional Audio Equipment

Studer Professional Audio Equipment : A721, A727, A730, D731, D741, etc.


  I decided to build and design my own Singular Tube Microphone - see what happen ;-)

 Singular Audio DIY Tube Mic


Finally found the way to my table and passed some audio checks - the UA 1176AE

Universal Audio 1176 AE


Original Neumann U 67 Flyer 1972

Neumann u 67 Flyer 1972


Also nice to check out after repairing the powersupply which was a little tricky.

DI Juice Box Tube direct


Two NTP 179-160 Limiters in Danner Cassettes brought to new live:

   NTP 179-160 Limiter


Not often seen : a Neumann U89 that had a defective solder point.

... repaired in 5 minutes ;-)


At least repaired - Focuswrite ff ISA 430

Focusrite ISA 430


In combination with two UREI 1176 LN we glide into the amazing sphere of sound

 Urei 1176LN

  I prefer Neumann U87 Microphones to record with my SINGULAR One.

Engraved front and back plates for everlasting quality.

Two Channel "reduced to the max" Front - hear what you do !

"The Voice" :


My U67 stored in a original Neumann case that match perfect ;-)

Original Neumann Case fits U67 and NU67 perfect



 I use and repair devices like AMPEX, ntp, Lexicon, TC, Studer, Telefunken, Siemens, etc.


This MU-TRON BI-PHASE Phaser works again and sounds still absolutely great!


Last but not least Transistors also have benefits, so i build the SINGULAR "Two"

A stereo Mic Pre-Amp with fine Lundahl Transformers

Singular Audio Transistor Mic Preamp Project

Eurocard Format, 70dB Gain in 3dB steps, -20dB PAD, Phantompower and Polarity-Switch.


What a beauty !!! PYE 4 Channel Preamp

Have fun ;o) 

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